Frequently Asked Questions

Participating as an Audience

How do I participate?

You will need the Pre app to participate as a mock investor. The app, which is free to download and use, is used by several pitch events, universities and accelerators.

The app can be found here.

Is participation free?

Yes. You do not pay to participate as an audience to watch, invest and compete for prizes.

Am I investing real money on Pitch Round events?

No. You will not be investing any of your real money. You will be using preMoney, which is a fictional currency on the Pre app.

How do I receive the preMoney to invest?

Users receive preMoney when they join a Pitch Round event on the Pre app.

How do I join an event?

Once you have downloaded the Pre App, you may join an event by using the Event Code for that event.

Event codes for Pitch Round events will be found on the Pitch Round website. Click on the Events tab and go to the respective event you would like to participate in.

Once you have the event code from Pitch Round, sign into the Pre app, click JOIN and type in the event code.

Where can I watch the pitch videos?

You may watch the pitch videos from within the Pre app on the investment screen OR on the event page on our Pitch Round website.

Do I have to use the Pre app?

Only if you would like to make preMoney investments and compete for prizes or engage directly with the startups.

How do I find out the results?

Once the event has ended, you will be able to see results on the Pre app. We will also be posting the results on our Pitch Round website under the respective event.

How do I win prizes?

You win by being a top preInvestor. After an event is over, results are computed instantly on the app, from which it will display the top 3 preInvestors. If you are one of those top 3 preInvestors you will win a prize.

How are the results computed?

We rely on the results computed by the Pre app. The app uses an algorithm that computes your return on investment based on how you invested in the startups that raised the most preMoney. Your return on investment determines your ranking. In case of a tied result, the tie is broken by the timestamp of the investment, which means that whoever invested first will be ranked higher.

How do I get my prize?

If you are one of the top preInvestors, we will reach out to you.

What do top preInvestors win?

Prizes will vary. Each event will have information about the prizes on its event page.

How long are the events?

Events wil remain open from anywhere between one day to one week. Start and End dates alongwith the time are displayed on the event page. Participation in an event is only possible during that time frame. After an event is over, you will still be able to watch the pitches and see the results, however, you will not be able to particpate.

Participating as a Startup

How do I participate?

Start by filling out our form with basic information. We will curate submissions and get back to you.

What do I need to participate?

You will need a pitch video in order to participate. If you are selected, we will provide you with more information about the format of the video.

Do I have to pay to participate?

Startups can participate for free up to three pitch rounds. You can find out more about the different packages here.

We are offering the Plus package free through May 2020.

Do I need to download the Pre app?

Yes, you will need to be set up on Pre with a STARTUP account. (It is free) If you are chosen for an event, we will guide you through the easy process. Meanwhile, you can read up on this guide.

Will I have access to real investors?
Pre has been used at multiple events with a wide network of angel investors and investors working at VC firms. By partnering with Pre for our Pitch Round events, you will have the attention of Pre network as well as the Pitch Round network. We are not offering direct access to investors, however, we do recommend you put your best foot forward as we have investors too watching and participating.
Are there prizes for startups?

At the moment we are not providing startups with monetary awards. However, winners will get certificates that they can use to showcase the excitement their startups are generating. Our goal at Pitch Round is to expand startups’ reach to new users, customers, talent, partners and alternative funding sources.

Can I promote my startup and the event if I am chosen?
Absolutely! We suggest that you spread it to your network as well. Word of mouth is the best way to go viral and extend the visibility and scale at which your startup can get attention.
How do I make the pitch video?
Check out this guide

Hosting my own online event

Can I organize an online event on Pitch Round?

The short answer is Yes.

If you have a set of startups interested in pitching on Pitch Round, and if you can coordinate with them to get their pitch videos, please feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help you organize a “Pitch Round by XYZ” up and running.