Our Mission

To engage the world with the startups through the pitch event experience.

Our Approach

Pitch events are interesting sites with potential to create a tremendous value: you have startups with their founders, investors in the audience, and people interested in the innovation and entrepreneurship space. However, the typical pitch event format does not do justice to the expertise and enthusiasm in the room.

What if, instead, pitch events could be designed to engage everyone and get the most value for ALL their participants?

With that in mind, we have designed Pitch Round® events to:

  • help startups expand their reach by connecting them with new users, customers, partners, talent, and alternative sources of funding
  • engage more of the population with interesting startups and help discover interesting ideas
  • foster and promote a spirit of entrepreneurship in the society

Whether you are a startup seeking to raise capital, acquire new users or to gain visibility for your product, OR, you are someone interested in the innovation and entrepreneurship space and would like to engage with exciting startups and founders, we welcome you to the Pitch Round community.