Your Pitch Video

Your pitch video is the most important part of your participation. It should capture the attention of a viewer so he or she wants to see the whole video. When you pitch your product, you’re crafting the story that will (hopefully) make the person on the other end of the line care about your brand, product, and even you personally.

The Video Format

The Pitch Deck



The Video

  • Keep your video strictly under 5-minutes.
  • Good audio is key. Be clear. Take your video in a quiet space. If you end up with white noise and static, try eliminating it by using the controls in your video editor.
  • Don’t hide behind the slides. Give your audience a little face time! Speaking directly at your audience makes your pitch more personal.
  • Getting the point across quickly also shows that you respect their time.

The Deck

We have culled advice from various sources. Our purpose for the format is twofold: to get your idea in front of investors and to also get more people excited about you as both startup and product.

Here are the essential slides for your deck


Describe the pain of your customer. Particulars of how this problem impacts real world people/businesses and compelling reasons why it is worth solving How is this addressed today and what are the shortcomings to current solutions.


Clearly state the solution. How do you solve the problem you just outlined? Why is your value proposition unique and compelling? Why will it endure?

Competition / Differentiation

Who are your direct and indirect competitors. Talk in some detail about the unique selling points that make your product different. Show that you have a plan to win.
Use this slide to catch attention of potential users and customers.


Identify your customer and your market. Is there a large TAM today or in the future?


Tell something about who is building this business and what role they play. Why are you the right people to do this?


It shows the roadmap at a glance, including how far you’ve already come.
It frames your “ask”.
It starts the conversation with your audience.


  • Your job is to articulately and persuasively state the case for your product, but your pitch also has to call out to your audience. They wield power here. So make sure you call out to them and ask them to support you, to engage with you.
  • Close with a simple but compelling call to action. What do you want your viewer to do next? Just say it or ask it so your viewer has a clear idea of what to do next.